Dominic Chapman Cooks Rabbit Lasagne on The Staff Canteen

Watch Dominic Chapman prepare his signature dish of Rabbit Lasagne on The Staff Canteen.


⁣Pasta Dough:
250g 00 Pasta Flour
1 Whole Egg (Medium)
4 Egg Yolks (Medium)
1 tbsp Olive Oil
1 tbsp Cold Water
Pinch of Salt

⁣Lasagne filling:
8 Rabbit Legs
1Pork Belly
1 Tin Duck Fat
1 Packet Maldon Sea Salt
20g Thyme
10g Rosemary
1 Head Garlic
300g Foie Gras
250g Cepes or Wild Mushrooms
500mls Madeira
500mls Port
200mls brandy
Salt and Pepper

Recipe Steps

⁣⁣Pasta Dough:

⁣Put the flour into a large bowl and make a well in the middle. Pour all the other ingredients into the well and slowly start to bring the Flour in from the edges. Keep going until your mix starts to form a dough. As it starts to come together, tip the mix onto the table and need for about 4 or 5mins until smooth. Cover with cling film or use straight away.

Lasagne filling:

  • Salt Rabbit Legs and Pork Belly together for 24hrs with Thyme, Rosemary and Garlic. Make sure mix is well wrapped with cling film while salting.
  • Once Salted wash all salt off and rinse for 40 minutes. Place in a large pan and cover with duck fat. Slowly cook for 2 hours or until meat is tender.
  • Remove all bones from the meat, and then pick meat down into small pieces making sure all the sinew and bone has been removed. Add a little of the duck fat back to the meat so that it is not too dry. Be careful that you do not add too much fat or the mix will become very wet and collapse while cooking.
  • Reduce Madeira, brandy and Port to syrup and add to mix.
  • Fry off mushrooms until golden then run a knife through them so they are not too big for the mix.
  • Clean and dice Foie Gras into 2cm pieces and add to mix. Correct seasoning, being careful with salt as the mix should already have enough salt after salting. Ball mix into 40g balls then build lasagnes.
  • Blanch pasta for 3 seconds then refresh in iced water.
  • Place one layer of pasta on a baking sheet then a 40g ball of mix. Place another layer of pasta over this ball then another 40g ball. Finally place the last layer of pasta over the ball and store in fridge covered. Make sure lasagnes are always covered or the pasta will dry out.

    Sauce: Hock sauce, wild mushrooms chopped a little so they are not too large for the dish. Reduce to right consistency. Steam lasagne for 5 minutes, Sauce all over lasagne making sure all pasta is covered then finish with chervil leaves. Very important to just use leaves not sprigs.